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Vacation Rental Property Landlord’s Insurance for Crestview, FL

Crestview, FL Condo, Beach & House Vacation Rental Landlord's InsuranceProtect you’re your Crestview, FL beach & vacation rental property with vacation rental property landlord’s insurance from Carpenter Insurance.

We are Crestview, FL’s top landlord’s insurance provider specializing in Crestview, FL condo, beach & house vacation rental owners insurance policies.

Beach & Vacation rental property is a great investment, especially if you protect your assets with excellent coverage.

Make sure that you and your property are covered when choosing a vacation rental landlord’s protection insurance policy.

Vacation Rental Property Landlord’s Insurance Coverage Options*

  • Dwelling
  • Other Structures
  • Owner’s Personal Property
  • Fair Rental Value
  • Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Loss of Rent
  • Vacancy Clause

*See specific Crestview, FL vacation rental property landlord’s policies for coverage, limitations & exclusions

Types of Vacation Rental Landlord’s Insurance Policies*

DP-1 is a Basic Form named peril policy – Covers your rental property from a limited list of “Named Perils” like fire and lighting; sudden and accidental smoke damage; windstorm, hurricane and hail; explosion; aircraft and vehicles; Riot and civil commotion; and vandalism and malicious mischief.

DP-1 policy forms do not include liability, but it may be added as an endorsement or possibly as an extension of your homeowners policy. Liability protects the landlord from accidents and injury sustained by tenants and visitors that may result from negligence or maintenance issues.

DP-3 policy forms are Broad Form named peril policy – Covers your rental property from a broader list of “Named Perils” than the DP-1. The additional perils include theft; sudden and accidental discharge of hot water or steam; falling objects; collapse; freezing; and loss of use.

DP-3 policies contain Loss of Use coverage that affords the insured/property owner actual sustained loss of rents for a maximum of one year if the property becomes unusable from a covered event. This is not offered in DP-1 policy forms.

DP-3 policy forms also include liability. Typically, insurers will include $100,000 for no additional premium with maximum liability limits of $500,000 for nominal premium increases.

*See specific Crestview, FL vacation landlord’s policies for coverage, limitations & exclusions

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