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People’s Trust Homeowner’s Insurance now available through Carpenter Insurance

Carpenter Insurance is pleased to announce the addition of People’s Trust Homeowner’s Insurance to the extensive list of homeowner’s insurance companies we represent to Florida Panhandle home and condo owners.

People’s Trust is fast becoming a Florida homeowner favorite because they offer a variety of coverage options and their unique “Rapid Response Team” to provide support after a loss creates additional savings that are passed on to policyholders.

Carpenter Insurance offers People’s Trust Homeowner’s Insurance to all panhandle communities including Navarre, Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Ft. Walton Beach & Destin.

About People’s Trust Insurance – (Website)

People's Trust Insurance Company - Florida Homeowner's InsuranceSick and tired of paying too much for homeowners insurance in Florida and getting too little in return? It was time someone did the right thing for Florida homeowners. People’s Trust Insurance Company was founded with the mission to redefine the way Florida handles homeowners insurance.

We are not just based here. We live here too. We only write in Florida and have the expertise and personal knowledge of the unique market.

Professional Contractors in the Event of a Claim.  The Rapid Response Team (RRT) is an affiliated company of People’s Trust Insurance that provides our customers with professionals that can guarantee fast response in the event of a loss. RRT operates out of statewide warehouses that are stockpiled with tarps and top quality building materials in the event of a catastrophe. Disaster Strike’s Quickly – be a part of a company that has a plan – We are prepared!

No Sleight of Hand.  We offer the levels of quality coverage you want for peace of mind, as well as options that enable you to customize your policy to meet your individual needs. Unlike many other national carriers we don’t automatically default to 10% coverage on outbuildings and other structures like cottages and barns that may not exist on your property. Instead, we pass those savings on to you!

Quality Means Savings.  We target well-built homes that are up to code and stand a good chance against whatever Mother Nature throws their way. That means the occurrence of claims is fewer and the repairs less costly. This enables us to keep our premiums low – and our customers happy.

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